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The RNAimmuno database provides information on non-specific effects generated in cells by RNA interference triggers and microRNA regulators. These reagents, besides triggering intended sequence specific effects, often cause unintended sequence-non-specific immune responses. RNAimmuno collects published data on these types of adverse side effects.


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RNA FRABASE is one of the best sources of complete information on the architecture of RNA molecules and the first database to bring together all structural parameters and graphical representations of the structure at the secondary and tertiary levels in one place. The database supports research and education in the field of biology and structural bioinformatics. It is used e.g., by the RNAComposer system. It was started in 2007; it recorded ca. 3 million visits until July 2018.


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LNA-2'OMeRNA calculator– simple, convenient and handy online tools allowing to predict thermodynamic parameters, such as free energy, enthalpy, entropy and melting point, for duplexes containing native RNAs and RNA with a RNA thread modified 2'-O-methyl group (2'OMeRNA) .

Kalkulatory LNA-2'OMeRNA

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RNAComposer is the world's first fully automated system for predicting RNA 3D structures. Based on the information about the nucleotide sequence entered by the user and, optionally, on the list of base pairs, the system calculates the molecule shape in the 3D space. Thanks to the speed of calculation and high quality of the results, RNAComposer can be used for real-time modelling of new molecules for biomedical and personalised medicine purposes. The system uses the knowledge accumulated in RNA FRABASE, a database and an intelligent search engine dedicated to RNA. It was started in 2012; it recorded ca. 3 million visits until July 2018.


Obraz Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke z Pixabay

Calculation tools

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