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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry,
Polish Academy of Sciences
Z. Noskowskiego 12/14
61-704 Poznań
tel centrala: (+48) 61 852 85 03
fax: (+48) 61 852 05 32

Sekretariat Dyrektora, tel: 61 852 89 19


Scientific Publishers OWN 
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

Wieniawskiego Str. 17/19, 61-713 Poznań


Scientific Publishers OWN was established in 1991 and affiliated to the Poznań Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2001, OWN has been incor­po­rated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Scien­ces in Poznań. Since its establishment OWN has been engaged with editing of scien­tific texts, translation of books and coordination of the publi­ca­tion pro­cesses of books, periodicals and conference proceedings. During this time OWN has been publish­ing, among others, the following scientific periodicals: Mole­cular Physics Reports; Quarternary Studies in Poland; Kliniczna Perinatologia i Gine­ko­logia; Compu­ta­tional Methods in Science and Technology; Archives of Peri­natal Medicine; Chi­rurgia Narządów Ruchu Ortopedia Polska; Ultrasonografia w Gine­ko­logii i Po­łoż­nictwie; Perinatologia, Neonatologia i Ginekologia; Seminars on Peri­natal Medi­cine and Archives of Electrical Engineering. In recent years OWN also takes part in publishing the quarterly Nauka and Bio­Techno­logia. Furthermore, Scientific Pub­lishers OWN publishes various kinds of books, including academic textbooks and scientific monographs, translations as well as confe­rence materials. In almost 30 years of its activity OWN published more than five hundreds of scienti­fic books and journals, mainly in the field of me­dicine, bio­che­mistry and computer science.

Scientific Publishers OWN