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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry,
Polish Academy of Sciences
Z. Noskowskiego 12/14
61-704 Poznań
tel centrala: (+48) 61 852 85 03
fax: (+48) 61 852 05 32

Sekretariat Dyrektora, tel: 61 852 89 19


Dr. inż. Małgorzata Marcinkowska-Swojak


Dr. Patrick Perrigue


Dr. Natalia Koralewska


Dr. Lucyna Budźko


Dr. habil. Paulina Jackowiak



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  • Philips A , Nowis K, Stelmaszczuk  M , Podkowiński  J, Handschuh  L , Jackowiak  P, Figlerowicz M. Arabidopsis thaliana cbp80, c2h2, and flk knockout mutants accumulate increased amounts of circular RNAs. Cells 2020; 9(9):E1937

  • Perrigue PM, Rakoczy M, Pawlicka KP, Belter A, Giel-Pietraszuk M, Naskręt-Barciszewska M, Barciszewski J, Figlerowicz M. Cancer stem cell-inducing media activates senescence reprogramming in fibroblasts. Cancers 2020; 12(7): 1745

  • Zmienko A, Marszalek-Zenczak M, Pawel Wojciechowski P, Samelak-Czajka A, Luczak M, Kozlowski P, Karlowski WM, Figlerowicz M.

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Selected publications

  • RPWP.02.01.01-30-0001/20 REGIONAL COVID-HUB. WROP 2014-2020 2.1 Development of electronic public services Sub-measure 2.1.1 Development of electronic public services

  • 2019/35/B/NZ2/02658 Comprehensive analysis of the Schmidtea mediterranea transcriptome – identification of non-coding RNAs involved in cell lineage development during regeneration. NCN OPUS 18

  • LIDER/30/0111/L-9/17NCBR/2018 Mapping of cytosine modifications in nucleic acids using AID/APOBEC enzymes. NCBR LIDER 9

  • POIR.04.01.02-00-0025/17-00 Polish Microbiome Map. SG OP Measure 4.1. Research and development Sub-measure 4.1.2 Regional research agendas 

  • POIR.04.02.00-30-A004/16 European Centre of Bioinformatics and Genomics – Polish Genome Project. SG OP Measure 4.2. Development of modern research infrastructure in the science sector

  • 820431 LifeTime – Revolutionizing Healthcare by Tracking and Understanding Human Cells During Disease. European Commission 

  • 2016/21/D/NZ3/00641 Histone demethylase JMJD3 as an epigenetic regulator in the senescence-associated secretory phenotype and cancer. NCN SONATA 11

  • 2014/13/B/NZ2/03837 Elucidation of the mechanisms that induce copy number polymorphism of large genome fragments and of the relations between this phenomenon and metabolic gene cluster formation and evolution in plants. NCN OPUS 7

  • 2014/12/W/NZ2/00466 Dynasty and population of the Piast State in view of the integrated historical, anthropological and genomic studies. NCN SYMFONIA 2

  • Polish Infrastructure of Screening Platform for Biological Chemistry Project (POL-OPENSCREEN), a part of the European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology European Research Infrastructure Consortium(EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC). Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Prof. Marek Figlerowicz

Head of Department

Department of Molecular and Systems Biology

Karolina Hoffa-Sobiech MSc Eng.


Marcin Osuch MSc


Dr. Magdalena Alejska

starszy specjalista biolog

Dr. Ireneusz Stolarek


Technical Staff:

Przy Zakładzie afiliowana jest:

Pracownia Genomiki

Kierownik: dr Luiza Handschuh

dr Jan Podkowiński, dr Paweł Wojciechowski (1/2 etatu), dr Agnieszka Żmieńko


Pracownia Hodowli Komórkowych i Tkankowych

Kierownik: dr Paweł Stróżycki

Hanna Glapiak, inż. Nelli Malinowska, dr Mariola Piślewska-Bednarek

Katarzyna Nowis MSc

PhD student

Cezary Odrzygóźdź MSc BEng.

PhD student / biologist

Małgorzata Marszałek-Zeńczak MSc

PhD student / biologist

Anastasiia Satyr MSc

PhD student

Michał Zeńczak MSc BEng.

PhD student

PhD students:

non-coding RNA, RNA modifications, ribonucleases, extracellular vesicles, RNA transport, deaminases, chromatin, genomics, population genetics, archaeogenomics

Research area


Figure 1: The role of RNA in regeneration and cell turnover
Figure 2: Human genomics –  areas of interest
  • RNA as a regulator of differentiation and regeneration
  • Non-coding RNAs as molecular signals
  • Ribonucleases involved in the metabolism of non-coding RNA 
  • Biogenesis and functioning of extracellular vesicles 
  • Proteins participating in the intercellular transport of RNA 
  • RNA editing in regulation and signaling 
  • Archaeogenomics – the biological history of the populations living in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Genetic variability of the modern population  of Poland
  • Relation between genotype and physical characteristics of the individual
  • Chromatin structure in aging, cancer, and regeneration
  • Genomics in the research of human diseases

Research Projects

mgr Anastasiia Zaremba
PhD student

Annasha Dutta MSc
PhD student