Department of Structural Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acids

Prof. Ryszard Kierzek

Head of Department
ext. 1143, 1113

Rafał Nowak MSc

PhD student

Dagny Lorent MSc

PhD student

PhD students

MSc Maria Tomaszewska
PhD student

Martina Prochota
PhD student

Grażyna Dominiak MSc, BEng

starszy specjalista chemik

Dr. Tomasz Czapik


Technical Staff:

Dr. Marta Szabat

Dr. Marta Soszyńska-Jóźwiak

Dr. Agnieszka Ruszkowska

Dr. Paweł Zmora


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Selected publications

  • Cotranscriptional folding of influenza virus RNA in MDCK cells in presence of antisense oligonucleotides. A new method for next-generation sequencing based chemical mapping of RNA structure. NSC – OPUS 13 (PI: Professor Ryszard Kierzek) 

  • Thermodynamic parameters and rules towards the determination of RNA folding in in vivo-like conditions. RNA folding predictions for a better understanding of structure/function in mammalian cells. NSC – OPUS 17 (PI: Professor Ryszard Kierzek)

  • Molecular basics of type II transmembrane serine proteases (TTSPs)-mediated activation of influenza viruses. NSC – Beethoven Life 1 (PI: Doctor Pawel Zmora)

  • TMPRSS2 – a potential new drug target and a determinant of COVID19 outcome. NSC – Fast Track To Fund Research On SARS-CoV-2 (PI: Doctor Pawel Zmora)

  • The G-rich sequences in the influenza A virus genome – structural features and potential biological function in viral replication cycle. NCN – SONATA 15(PI: Doctor Marta Szabat)

Research activity

  • structure, dynamic and function of nucleic acids,
  • modified oligonucleotides,
  • thermodynamics of nucleic acids,
  • posttranscriptional RNA folding,
  • antisense oligonucleotides,
  • alternative splicing,
  • oligonucleotide microarrays,
  • microarray mapping,
  • conformational fixed nucleic acids,
  • retroviral RNA,
  • retrotransposons,
  • RNA therapeutics,
  • chemistry and molecular biology of RNA,
  • structural bioinformatics,
  • nucleic acids structure calculation,
  • trinucleotide repeats,
  • RNA bulged duplexes,
  • restricted conformation of modified purine nucleosides
  • RNA quadruplexes
  • type II transmembrane serine proteases (TTSPs)
  • virus entry
  • allele-specific degradation of pathogenic RNA with antisense oligonucleotides forming non-helical motifs with target RNA,

  • allele-specific degradation of pathogenic RNA with tandem antisense oligonucleotides,

  • modulation of RNA alternative splicing,

  • structure and thermodynamics of RNA multinucleotide repeats,

  • structure and functions of RNAs with conformational fixed nucleic acids, 

  • structure of RNA fragments composed of CGG, AGG and UGG trinucleotide repeats,

  • conformation of bulged RNA duplexes,

  • structural characterization of LNA-2'-O-MeRNA/RNA and 2'-O-MeRNA/RNA duplexes,

  • posttranscriptional RNA folding.

  • virus-host interactions

  • inhibitors of viral replication cycle

  • structure and potential function of G-rich RNA from the influenza virus genome

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