Department of Nucleoside and Nucleotide Chemistry

Dr. habil. Michał Sobkowski 

Head of Department
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Technical Staff:

Dr. Grzegorz  Framski

starszy specjalista chemik

Dr. Dagmara Baraniak


Dr. habil. Tomasz Ostrowski

profesor instytutu

Dr. Joanna Romanowska



Justyna Gołębiewska MSc


Prof. Jerzy Boryski


Prof. Adam Kraszewski


Prof. Jacek Stawiński


Affiliated professors :

  • J. Golebiewska, J. Stawinski: „Reaction of Boranephosphonate Diesters with Pyridines or Tertiary Amines in the Presence of Iodine: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies”, J. Org. Chem., 85, 4312-4323, 2020. 

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Selected publications

  • Chemical architecture of fluorinated nucleoside dimers containing 1,2,3-triazole linker of potential use in molecular biology and medicine. SONATA 15 (2019/35/D/NZ7/03637), PI: Dagmara Baraniak, PhD

  • Exploring second generation of nucleotide analogues containing phosphoranesulfen- or phosphoraneselenamides as new structural motives. PRELUDIUM 16 (2018/31/N/ST5/03589), PI: Justyna Gołębiewska, MSc


Research activity

  • bioorganic chemistry,
  • organophosphorus chemistry,
  • stereochemistry,
  • reaction mechanisms,
  • nucleosides,
  • nucleotides,
  • nucleoside analogues,
  • nucleotide analogues,
  • nucleoside synthesis,
  • pronucleosides,
  • pronucleotides,
  • oligonucleotides,
  • nucleic acids,
  • acyclic nucleosides,
  • 1,2,3-triazole nucleosides,
  • antiviral activity,
  • anticancer activity,
  • enzyme-substrate interactions,
  • transglycosylation,
  • anti-HIV pronucleotides,
  • anti-cancer pronucleotides,
  • H-phosphonates,
  • phosphorus stereochemistry

Chemistry of nucleotides

  • basic research on the methods of synthesis, chemical and physicochemical properties of H-phosphonates with particular emphasis on nucleoside H-phosphonates and their analogues

  • design and synthesis of new nucleotide compounds (e.g., pronucleotides) with potential antiviral (e.g., anti-HIV) or anti-tumor activity

  • studies on metabolic pathways of pronucleotides in various chemical and physiological environments

  • chemistry and stereochemistry of P-chiral nucleotide analogues

  • intramolecular catalysis in the stereospecific synthesis of internucleotide bonds

Chemistry of nucleosides

  • search for new approaches towards synthesis of nucleobases and nucleosides (controlled degradation, rearrangements)

  • synthesis and characterization of nucleoside analogues of potential biological activity, mainly ring analogs of pyrimidine and purine, 7-regioiomers of purine nucleosides, acyclonucleosides, 2’-C-alkylribofuranosides, and analogs od dinucleoside monophosphates, in which internucleotide bond has been replaced with triazole moiety

  • synthesis and biological activity of analogs of dinucleoside monophosphates, in which internucleotide bond has been replaced with 1,2,3-triazole moiety

  • study on the mechanism and applications of transglycosylation reactions

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Research Projects

Tomasz Modrzyński MSc. BEng.

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