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Dr Karolina Jarzyniak, Dr Joanna Banasiak, mgr inż. Tomasz Jamruszka, Dr Aleksandra Pawela, oraz Prof. Michał Jasiński with colleagues from Czech and Switzerland are authors of the article "Early stages of legume–rhizobia symbiosis are controlled by ABCG-mediated transport of active cytokinins".

Presented in this paper data indicate that ABCG protein fulfil a novel function in CK transport enhancing our understanding of agricultural traits in legume crops. The results of this study might shed new light on cytokinin signaling upon Legume-Rhizobia Symbiosis and effective nitrogen fixation. Next to these considerations we expect the results of the proposed research to have an impact on the design of new strategies for effective plant production.

Article is available here:

This work was supported by the Polish National Science Centre (grants nos. 2015/19/B/NZ9/03548 and 2011/03/B/NZ1/02840).

Medicago truncatula roots after inoculation with symbiotic bacteria Ensifer meliloti expressing the lacZ (above) or GFP (below) marker genes.


Presumed role of identified MtABCG56 in symbiotic interactions

Following NF perception (1), LOGs expression in the epidermis triggers cytokinin conversion (2) from nucleotide precursors (CK-NT) to bioactive forms (CK). MtABCG56 participates in the translocation of the latter from the epidermis (3). Cytokinin perception/readout and signal transduction in the root cortex mediated by the MtCRE1 receptor (4) leads to target gene transcription, including response regulators (RRs), MtABCG56, and de novo cytokinin biosynthesis. The cortical cytokinins biosynthesized in response to microsymbiont inoculation function as a paracrine signal, triggering extension of nodulation responses within cortical cell layers. The efflux of cortical cytokinins is mediated by MtABCG56 (5); thus, this transporter also takes part in an auto-activation mechanism. As a consequence, nodule development occurs


IBCH PAS scientists in "Nature Plants"

24 March 2021