Chemist’s Day

June 4 is Chemist’s Day, a holiday dedicated to chemists and chemistry as a field of science. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize the enormous contribution of chemists to the development of medicine, technology and other fields of knowledge. It is also hard not to notice the impact of chemistry on the comfort of everyday life.

At the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, chemists work to create new substances, including potential drugs, discover new chemical reactions and develop innovative methods and technologies.

Chemists play an extremely important role in solving many global problems, such as environmental protection, the development of sustainable technologies and the fight against disease. That is why it is worth paying tribute to their work and achievements, highlighting the importance of chemistry to the progress and well-being of our society.

We wish all Chemists that their work leads to new and valuable discoveries. May your passion inspire the next generation of scientists and encourage young people to pursue studies related to this field. We wish you success in obtaining grants and funding to continue your research.

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