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The Poznań Chamber Choir of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in October 2011 on the initiative of prof. Jan Barciszewski from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, with the approval and full approval of the then director of the Institute, prof. Wojciech Markiewicz, and the current director, prof. Marek Figlerowicz. The choir brings together PhD students and young doctors from Poznań institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who, apart from scientific work, share a passion for choral singing. None of them has a professional musical education, all choristers are amateurs in the positive sense of the word, they love music. The choir is led by Dr. Alicja Szeluga - the conductor of one of the best girls' groups in Europe - the Skowronki Girls' Choir in Poznań. The collaboration of young scientists and their conductor very quickly brought remarkable results in the form of many successful performances. Poznań Chamber Choir of the Polish Academy of Sciences graced with its singing, among others an international scientific conference and occasional ceremonies organized in the Poznań Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences (e.g. the 40th anniversary of the Branch's formation). 

The choir's repertoire is diverse, it performs compositions from the Middle Ages to the present day, and does not shy away from choral arrangements of light music. 

The choir is accompanied by the "Skowronki" pianist, Czesław Łynsza.

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