Laboratory of Genomics

prof. dr hab. Eliza Wyszko

Dr. habil. Luiza Handschuh

Head of Laboratory
int. 1249, 1106

Technical Staff:

dr Jan Podkowiński
starszy specjalista biolog

dr Paweł Wojciechowski
starszy specjalista ​bioinformatyk

mgr Magdalena Rakoczy
specjalista biolog

mgr inż. Michał Zeńczak

Research Projects

  • genomics,
  • transcriptomics,
  • next generation sequencing (NGS),
  • mutation identification,
  • acute myeloid leukemia,
  • archaeogenomics,
  • bioinformatics


The Laboratory of Genomics possesses an advanced research infrastructure, primarily used for high-throughput second and third generation sequencing. Two Illumina sequencers, NextSeq 550 and NovaSeq 6000, allow sequencing of short reads (150-250 bp), and the only one in Poland so far, Sequel IIe sequencer (Pac-Bio) allows generating long HiFi readings (length up to 25,000 bp, precision> 99.9 %). Both platforms can be used to sequence complete genomes, exomes and transcriptomes. The Laboratory offers support in experiment design, DNA and RNA isolation, material qualitative assessment, library preparation, sequencing, analysis of results, and cost estimation for the grant proposals. In order to verify the NGS results, we provide real-time PCR equipment, including droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) system.

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