Laboratory of Protein Engineering

dr Anna Urbanowicz

Dr. hab. Anna Urbanowicz, prof. IBCH PAS

Head of Laboratory
ext. 1518

Research Projects

  • cloning, mutagenesis, expression plasmids
  • protein production in bacterial system
  • isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)
  • dynamic and static light scattering (DLS, SLS)
  • microscale thermophoresis (MST)
  • biolayer interferometry (BLI)
  • fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)
  • protein and nucleic acids crystallization
  • X-ray diffraction measurements
  • macromolecules Structure solving
  • Ixodes ticks and Borrelia spirochetes proteins
  • complexes of pathogenesis related class 10 plant protein (PR-10)
  • fitomelatonin
  • transcription factors WRKY
  • plant pyrophosphatase AtPPA1
  • viral capsids assembly
  • plant glutamate dehydrogenase


We offer our equipment and provide expertise in terms of preparation of expression vectors, production of recombinant proteins and their purification, as well as evaluation of quality of protein preparations intended for functional and structural research. 

We have experience and equipment enabling physicochemical characteristics of interactions between proteins and other macromolecules. Our measurement methods allow not only to assess affinity and measure constants of association and dissociation, but also to determine the number of ligand binding sites or thermodynamic parameters of binding such as enthalpy or entropy. 

We conduct high-throughput tests of the initial conditions for crystallization of biomolecules as well as optimization of the crystallization process to obtain crystals for diffraction experiments. We record diffraction data for protein crystals and nucleic acids using a diffractometer equipped with a rotating anode.

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