Prof. Kazimierz Bassalik Award for the Department of Plant Molecular Physiology employees

We are pleased to announce that prof. Michał Jasinski, Joanna Banasiak, Ph.D, Tomasz Jamruszka M.Sc., and Aleksandra Pawela, Ph.D., from the Department of Plant Molecular Physiology IBCH PAS, together with their collaborators, have been awarded the Prof. Kazimierz Bassalik Prize established by the Molecular Cell Biology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which is awarded annually for the best Polish microbiological articles.

The team was awarded for the following 2021 publication:

Karolina Jarzyniak, Joanna Banasiak, Tomasz Jamruszka, Aleksandra Pawela, Martin Di Donato, Ondřej Novák, Markus Geisler & Michal Jasinski, Early stages of legume-rhizobia symbiosis are controlled by ABCG-mediated transport of active cytokinins, published in Nature Plants, 2022, 7: 428-436,

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