Welcome to PhD Student Council of PAS Institutes in Poznan, where voices are heard, ideas are valued, and positive change is made. Committed to amplifying the student voice, we work to address concerns, implement new initiatives and enhance overall  doctoral students life.

The PhD Student Council of PAS Institutes in Poznań unites PhD students from 5 Great Poland Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences:
  ●       Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of PAS,
  ●       Institute of Human Genetics of PAS,
  ●       Institute of Plant Genetics of PAS,
  ●       Institute of Molecular Physics of PAS,
  ●       Institute of Dendrology of PAS (in Kórnik near Poznan).

Our primary objective is to advocate for the interests of all doctoral students and serve as a crucial link between the doctoral school and its students. We are dedicated to facilitating positive changes as needed. Additionally, we maintain close connections with other doctoral student communities, including the National Representation of Doctoral Students, the Doctoral Students' Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Poznań PhD Students’ Association.

PresidentRafał Nowak (ICHB)
Vice-PresidentRim Ibrahim (IHG)
SecretaryKatarzyna Woźniak (ICHB)

Paulina Borysiuk (ICHB)
Linh H. Tran (ICHB)
Humaira Jamil (IPG)

E-mail to the PhD Student Council: samorzad.ibch@gmail.com
Fan page of the PhD Student Councilhttps://www.facebook.com/RSDIPANPoznan
Feedbacks and questions form: https://forms.gle/rnvvUMXcXXQPBx6LA
National Representation of PhD Candidates
PAS Doctoral Council:
Poznan PhD Students’ Associationhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100065932729237

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