The inauguration of the new series of invited seminars in IBCH PAS

In March 17th and 18th our Institute hosted prof. Gunter Meister of the University of Regensburg, Germany. It was the first visit of a series of open invited seminars with prominent foreign guests. Simultaneously, because of the research topic associated with RNA, the speaker was the guest of the RNA Salon Poznan, well-recognized event in the Poznan scientific community. Prof. Meister gave a lecture entitled ‘Non-coding RNAs and RNA modifications as mediators of post-transcriptional gene regulation’. The visit encompassed also meetings with the scientists employed at IBCH PAS, Centre of Advanced Technologies and Faculty of Biology AMU.

Information on future events organized as part of the IBCH PAS invited seminar series and of the RNA Salon Poznan can be tracked in the Events tab.

During a visit in the High-throughput Screening Laboratory IBCH PAS. Prof. Meister in the middle. (fot. dr M. Piwecka)
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