Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Culture 

Dr. Natalia Koralewska

Dr. Natalia Koralewska

Head of Laboratory
ext. ​1505

Research Projects

  • molecular biology,
  • tissue cultures,
  • cell cultures,
  • model systems,
  • Arabidopsis thaliana,
  • Medicago truncatula,
  • stem cells,
  • influenza virus,
  • planaria,
  • transfection,
  • transformation,
  • micro-bombardment,
  • micro-injection


  • The Laboratory is a platform that provides specialized equipment and conditions (sterility, controlled temperature, humidity etc.) for conducting (highly complex) experiments in the scope of a broadly defined area of molecular biology with the use of cultures of cell lines and tissues.
  • The Laboratory’s infrastructure and equipment ensures safe work (requirements of the BSL2 biosafety regulations) with animal as well as plant origin material. Self-contained areas for experiments involving virus and planaria type material are also available. All laboratory premises and equipment are subject to restrictive sterility rules (UV sterilization, ozonation), and waste collecting (Vacusafe-Integra) security systems.
  • In the Laboratory, once a special permit is obtained, work with transgenic material is also allowed.
  • The character of the Laboratory allows performing full-cycle experiments, from the propagation of the biological material through putting it to use in experiments, up to obtaining material for further analyses outside the CTCL block.
  • The CTCL provides services (for a fee) which include realization of external projects and services within the scope of experimental biology.
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