Dr. Ireneusz Stolarek laureate of the XIII LIDER competition

The National Center for Research and Development has decided to award funding for scientific projects in the 13th competition of the LIDER Program.  Funding in the total amount of over PLN 70 million will be awarded to 49 young scientists. The maximum amount of funding for one project was PLN 1.5 million, and among the 6 scientists who received it was Dr. Ireneusz Stolarek from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań.  Dr. Ireneusz Stolarek will develop a computational platform for optimizing cell growth pathways to obtain homogeneous cell populations.  The platform will enable in silico cell differentiation experiments and high-resolution, quantitative measurement of the identity of the obtained cells. The effect will be to increase the yield, homogeneity, identity and stability of cells obtained with in vitro methods. This will significantly translate into the speed and cost reduction  of generation of innovative products for the regenerative medicine market as well as cell and tissue cultures.

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