ICHB PAN internship competition “Internship for the future Nobel Prize winner” has been settled!

Five high school students won internships at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań. On October 25, prof. Marek Figlerowicz, the Director of ICHB PAN, handed the nominations for the “Internship for the future Nobel Prize winner” to five best students from Wielkopolska region. The competition was aimed at high school and technical high school students from the Poznań poviat. The selection of the participants of the internship was made on the basis of the assessment of the submitted essays, the topics of which concerned the challenges and opportunities of contemporary research in the field of bioorganic chemistry, molecular biology or biotechnology. The works were assessed by a commission which selected 5 trainees.

This year, they will have the opportunity to work with scientists from:

• Department of Computational Biology of Non-coding RNA (mentor: dr. Barbara Uszczyńska-Ratajczak)

• Department of Medical Biotechnology (mentor: dr. Paweł Świtoński)

• Department of RNA Metabolism (mentor: dr hab. Zbigniew Warkocki, prof. ICHB PAN)

• Department of Molecular Neurooncology (mentor: dr. Katarzyna Rolle)

• Department of Functional Transcriptomics (mentor: dr. Kamilla Grzywacz)

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