Winners of the OPUS 23 and PRELUDIUM 21 competitions of the National Science Center.

Nearly PLN 7 million from  the National Science Center were obtained by scientists from IBCH PAS for their research. Five projects were qualified for funding, three in the OPUS 23 and two in the PRELUDIUM 21 competition. The winners are:

– OPUS 23

Prof. Dr. Ryszard Kierzek – “Thermodynamics of modified RNAs. Effects of RNA modification on the structure and function of natural RNAs and in vitro transcribed vaccine mRNAs (IVT mRNAs).” (ST4)

Dr. Agnieszka Kiliszek – “Crystallographic analysis of RNA-ligand complexes. Towards the rational design of lead molecules in the development of therapies for neurodegenerative diseases” (NZ7)

Dr. Anna Piasecka – “Characterization of key mechanisms of coordination and prioritization of barley responses to simultaneous biotic and abiotic stresses – a multiomics approach” (NZ9)


Monika Kwiatkowska, M.Sc. – “Playing Tails: Understanding the role of 3′-end processing of long non-coding RNAs during the development of brindle danio” (NZ2)

Mateusz Nowaczyk, M.Sc. – “Microscopic identification of proteins involved in DNA repair in CAG repeat regions” (NZ3) It is worth noting that the success rates in both competitions at the Institute were much higher than the nationwide.

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