Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Group

dr Ewa Woźniak

dr Ewa Woźniak-Gientka

Team Leader
ext. ​1137

Research Projects

Research area

The research tasks carried out by the Team concern social, economic and legal factors in the development of bioeconomy and biotechnology in Poland, the EU and in the world. The aim of the research is:

  • analysis of public acceptance and public opinion in relation to genetically modified plants (GMOs), agrobiotechnology and new genetic engineering techniques in the context of the legal status and development of biotechnology and bioeconomy (at the global and European level); 
  • analysis of factors for the development of bioeconomy in Poland and the EU; -
  • defining the role of education of the society and youth in thinking and acting for the benefit of the circular economy, shaping pro-ecological market behaviour (at the European and national level); 
  • educating youth on the bioeconomy and its bio-based sectors, increase awareness and interest of the environmental, social and economic benefits of sustainable and circular bioeconomy (at regional and local level).
  • bioeconomy,
  • biotechnology,
  • education, gene editing,
  • GMO,
  • circular economy,
  • sustainable development
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