Laboratory of Molecular Assays and Imaging

dr Magdalena Otrocka

dr Dorota Kwiatek

Head of Laboratory
tel. 1555, 1185


dr Mariia Dekaliuk

dr hab. Jacek Kolanowski,

dr Cherkas Volodymyr

Technical Staff:

dr Krzysztof Żukowski
starszy ​specjalista chemik

dr hab. Joanna Kosman
starszy specjalista chemik

mgr Natalia Karczewska

mgr Monika Pyc
specjalista biolog

mgr Mykyta Bobylyow
specjalista biolog

mgr Borys Olifirov
specjalista biolog

dr Yevhenii Sheremet
starszy specjalista biolog

mgr Adrian Rüfli
specjalista chemik

mgr Oleksandra Fedchenko
specjalista biolog

PhD students:

mgr Francesca Canyelles
PhD student

mgr Anna Wychowaniec
PhD student

Research activity

Key words
  • Super-resolution microscopy, MINFLUX, FLIM, STED
  • Single molecule imaging
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Molecular Assays Development
  • Cell Painting
  • Image Analysis
  • Data Analysis


The Laboratory of Molecular Assays and Imaging is part of the High-Throughput Screening Centre at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS and offers access to expertise and infrastructure for the development of molecular assays as well as performing screening, high-throughput microscopy and image analysis. It is a part of EU-OPENSCREEN-ERIC consortium which collaborates with users worldwide for identification of biologically active molecules and deconvolution of their mechanisms of action. The laboratory is also a part of project NEBI - National Center for Imaging Research in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. It is equipped with an ultra-high-resolution microscopy system located in IBCH PAS. Thanks to this unique technology of MINFLUX microscope (only few in the world) the imaging with resolution below 2 nm can be performed. Our MINFLUX microscope system combines super-resolution imaging technologies, i.e. STED, FLIM, Minflux and similar

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